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Si vis pacem, para bellum

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Si vis pacem, para bellum


January 17th, 2007

Peter stared out of the window in the common room. He hadn't seen much of the Marauders recently. Sirius was off being moody or spending time with Emmeline, James was off with Lily strangely enough, and Remus was most likely doing homework or something of the like. Peter frowned slightly as he decided to go searching for Remus. Maybe Remus would help him out with this essay they were supposed to start. "If I were a Moony where would I be," Peter asked himself outloud, ignoring the strange looks he was getting. Thinking about it, Peter realized exactly where to look for Remus. The library.

He was walking down the hallways. He would be at the library in a matter of minutes. He was sure of it. He didn't always like to be in the library. There was no food allowed which meant no toast. He liked toast. Not to mention all the dust and that scary librarian. He was frightened of a lot of things. He supposed that this was due to his mother being so overprotective. She disinfected him whenever he came home and tried to stop him from hanging out with his friends. It was a wonder he went anywhere at all. The only reason he got to come to the school was because his father had convinced his mother that it would be for the best. She gave in but she wasn't happy about it.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he found himself outside of the library. Smiling, he opened the door and looked around. Remus would be all the way in the back where he could hide himself away and read and not be disturbed. Or this is what would happen if the person looking for him were anyone else besides the Marauders. They never worried about bothering Remus. Peter walked around until he found Remus, bent over a piece of parchment, books scattered around on the desk. Peter laughed quietly and sat down next to him. "Morning oh master of the books." He laughed a little more and shook his head. "I thought I'd find you here. Where are the others?" As he thought about it he answered his own question. "Probably anywhere but here, I suppose. Seeing as the consider this a place where monks live." Shaking his head, Peter sat there in silence until Remus decided to answer him.

January 15th, 2007

It was like her brain had gone mental on her and left her in the dust. Her usually blushed and freckled cheeks didn't look half as endearing as they usually did, her hair was up in a boring pony tail, which had been all she had found time for that morning, after waking up late. She had been a wreck ever since her meeting with Sirius the previous morning. She couldn't help but loathe Regulus, Sirius and her had had such a good thing going o between them and out of no where  Regulus had ruined everything. And all because she had chosen to listen to his manipulative psycho-babble.

She sat staring at the fireplace, there were no flames, but she honestly didn't feel like looking at anything else in the scarlet room. She longed for her fathers embrace, for him to tell her that all men were idiots including himself and that they never truly wished to hurt or confuse pretty girls. Most men were only confused by females and didn't kno how to act. She stared at the fireplace for another few minutes before She finally stood up and went back to her room. She wouldn't let this affect her so much, it was a quarrel, one that could easily be resolved with a conversation that she wasn't looking forward too. 

Several minutes later she returned to fetch her bag, she was wearing her glasses and had straightened her hair, her blouse was now wrinkle free and she had knee length white socks to cover some of her legs. She walked towards the portrait, but when she opened it and wen to go through, she bumped into something, or someone rather, she noticed as she looked into the face of the very person she had been quarelleing her thoughts over, wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to ask him about it. This was her answer. She stepped aside and let him through. All she could manage was a cheery. "Good Morning."

January 12th, 2007

While mornings weren't her favorite part of the day she seemed to be prone to busying her mornings more so than the rest of her day. So far this morning, she had gotten herself out of bed -which is a chore in itself- gotten in a shower before the other girls could get in, dried straightened and pony-ed her hair, and gotten herself dressed in track clothing. Normally this wouldnt be anything out of the ordinary for any one girl in the school... But it was still 6:30 in the morning, and that was early especially for Emmeline. 

She carried herself gracefully as she could down the many staircases and down the Entrance Steps. Her arms stretched over her head as she yawned quite un- femininely. Unfortunate thing about morning work outs, were that it was quite colder in the mornings than it was in the mid afternoon, but when it was afternoon, people would be out. And questioning her sanity for running around in a chest tight t-shirt and cheerleader spankies. She rolled her eyes at herself and imagined looking out a window in the morning and seeing herself running around the quidditch pitch, and then laughing at herself... It was rather embarrasing to laugh at yourself before you'd even done something stupid.

It wasn't a long walk to the quidditch pitch, well not for anyone that didn't mind a brisk morning walk anyhow, besides once she got to the pitch, she wasn't briskly walking so much as quickly jogging and her speed accellerated with each quarter lap. It was rather insane to be out in the cold weather in summer clothes, but she couldn't feel the cold, she was either numb, or too warm from running. She didn't care.

As she rounded the last 'corner' on her umpteenth lap around the pitch she could swear that she could hear someone making tracks behind her in the snow. She was taught not to look over her shoulder while running though, so thought better of it. Kept running, but was becoming more and more curious as to who it was by the second.

Laying back against the cold stone, panting ever so slightly, Rabastan wrapped his arms around his lover, he pulled him close. His Regulus. Always. No one else allowed…Period. The candles still continued to flicker around them, and Rabastan was sure the other had ripped his shirt in the haste to remove it. Well served him right didn’t it really? (According to Regulus any how), he shouldn’t have teased him so much. Did Rabby regret it? Of course not. The only time he was happy to hear his boyfriend whine was watching him sprawled out of the ground beneath him, begging for attention, pleading for a fuck….Merlin, did he love the power trip.


As he regained his breath, his hand rose to run through the dark locks of the other boy, his eyes sliding shut. “I bet even…In thirty years we’ll still be doing this…And in fifty years….” He paused to clear his throat, his other hand moving across the pale, sweaty skin of Regulus’ hip bone. “You’ll still be bitching at me…For forgetting dates…And I’ll be ignoring you…” He smirked just a little, placing a tender kiss to his lips. “But I’ll still love you…”

January 6th, 2007



..:: Friends Only ::..

As Tiff mentioned in the previous post...WELCOME!  So you have stumbled across our little Role Playing community,
 well Kudos all around :D This is a para!based role playing group, but by no mean are we post length nazis...Just a
decent size of course, and yes, we do understand that everyone has "off days" so we wont be on you like a ton
of bricks.

Remember, above all else, this community is here for fun and enjoyment, so please, keep it that way.

If you have a problem with the direction that a particular thread is going, or there is a disagreement between rpers
cannot be resolved without the help of a moderator, please do not hesistate to contact myself, Tiff or Steff.
We're always happy to help.

Here is the current list of Character standings:

Peter Pettigrew - Lu
Lucius Malfoy
Severus Snape
James Potter - Tiff
Sirius Black - Steff
Regulus Black
Remus Lupin - Sam
Lily Evans - Steff
Emmeline Vance - Tiff (OC)
Narcissa Black
Andromeda Black - Tiff
Bellatrix Black - Steff
Rodopulous Lestrange - Sam
Rabastan Lestrange - Sam

Own characters are perfectly welcome here, as long, of course they are kept within the context
of the Harry Potter universe and the time period.

Anyway, as I've already said...Welcome once again, and have fun!



MSN: black_sun_rise@hotmail.co.uk
Yahoo: a_random_rper

January 5th, 2007

Hello everyone.  My name (For those of you who don't know) is Tiffany. I am one of three of the 'Admins'/ maintainers of this Community. I think I'd like to start by saying 'test, one, two, three.' Let's all be hopeful there wont be any problems to worry about just yet. By the way Welcome!  We're all glad to have you here. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need. Especially if your Kafuffled as to where everything is leading to. Basically this is a re- telling/ re- living of the Marauder's last years of school. 

These are some facts, just to refresh yourself of what the 1970's were like. I found some of them interesting, maybe you will aswell.


American Soldiers Accused of Murdering Entire Town of Vietnamese Civilians 
Aswan High Dam Completed 
Beatles Break Up 
Computer Floppy Disks Introduced 
Palestinian Group Hijacks Five Planes 
Protesting Students at Kent State Shot


London Bridge Brought to the U.S. 
United Kingdom Changes to Decimal System for Currency 
VCRs Introduced


M*A*S*H T.V. Shows Premiers 
Mark Spitz Wins Seven Gold Medals 
Pocket Calculators Introduced 
Terrorists Attack at the Olympic Games in Munich 
Watergate Scandal Begins


Abortion Legalized in U.S. 
Paul Getty Kidnapped 
Sears Tower Built 
U.S. Pulls Out of Vietnam 
U.S. Vice President Resigns


Halie Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, Deposed 
Mikhail Baryshnikov Defects 
Patty Hearst Kidnapped 
Terracotta Army Discovered in China 
U.S. President Nixon Resigns


Arthur Ashe First Black Man to Win Wimbledon 
Civil War in Lebanon 
Microsoft Founded 
Pol Pot Becomes the Communist Dictator of Cambodia


Nadia Comaneci Given Seven Perfect Tens
North and South Vietnam Join to Form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 
Tangshan Earthquake Kills Over 240,000


Elvis Found Dead 
Miniseries Roots Airs 
South African Anti-Apartheid Leader Steve Biko Tortured to Death 
Star Wars Movie Released


First Test-Tube Baby Born 
John Paul II Becomes Pope 
Jonestown Massacre


Ayatollah Khomeini Returns as Leader of Iran 
Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran 
Margaret Thatcher First Woman Prime Minister of Great Britain 
Mother Theresa Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 
Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island 
Sony Introduces the Walkman

Just to sum all of that up, we are obviously set in teh 1970's time period. If that is a problem, I'm sorry but I cannot really help you there. This means that no one will be runnnig around with I-pod's because they didn't exist back then. The alternative obviously is the A-Trax or the Cassette tape, which as mentioned above was created and launched by Sony in 1979. Basically all I'm trying to do by all of this information is let you stay with the times. I know that I wan't around for the 70's. Being born in '88 myself. Therefore some of the things that I was reading about the 70's were a surprise to even me. If anyone would like any extra information, feel free to ask me. *Ways to contact my and other maintainers will be at the bottom. 

As Sam mentioned on our profile page 'We make no money from this website, all writings that take place here are part of the fiction universe created by JK Rowling, copy write of (but not restricted to) Warner Brothers PLC. Please, for the love of Merlin, dont sue us poor little RPGers who only wish to enjoy such things.' So please keep that in mind. Everything on this site that is mentioned to be copywrited is our work, we would all appreciate if you'd either ask to use it. Or resist the urge.

The only other thing that I would like to mention is that the Marauder's are infact set in their sixth year here at Hogwarts and that things like that need to be taken into account when observing and creating relationships and such. Just keep in mind that they are only 16. 

Thanks for listening, we hope this was helpful to you.

Your Admin ++ Maintaining crew.

* Tiffany: 
Yahoo: exspectomihi
Other Account(s): Androme_duh.

* Stef:
Yahoo: glittering_black_carnation

* Sam:
Yahoo: a_random_rper

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